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Chapter 2. Base Operating System Rationale

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Target
2.3. Details

2.1. Introduction

Having a common starting point for operating systems ensures that when systems administrators, users and developers move from one host to another they will know what they can expect. Keeping a base install simple and only adding the bits needed for the task of that host also helps keep costs and risk low. It makes updates easier as well as testing those updates. It also helps ensure that some resource eating bits that might normally be installed by an operating system but aren't often used, don't get installed at all helping improve efficiency.
In all sized environments simplification helps reduce costs. Simple Operating Systems are easier to troubleshoot when there are issues, they are easier to update since there is less to update, they take less time to provision and they help keep training simple. The CSI standard focuses on this simplicity with regards to how the systems administrators, engineers and architects view the environment. At an operational level the nuances of day to day administration and use, as well as emergency and outage situations have been kept in mind when designing this standard.